The Joys of Second Pregnancy

So many of you many think that the title of this post is sarcastic, but in fact it is not at all. There are so many reasons why I like pregnancy the second time around SO SO SO much better than the first time.

1. The fear of the unknown is gone. The first time around I had fear and anxiety of the birthing process, what to expect, what could go wrong etc. This time because I have been through it my fears and anxiety are almost completely gone. I do know that things could go differently, but I also know that I have a great doctor who I trust and more importantly a God who is taking care of me and baby.

2. I don’t have to register! Registering for baby stuff and having to figure out what was a need verses another unnecessary baby gadget was super stressful for me. I like to keep it simple or at least as simple as possible. If you haven’t been to Babies’R Us, let me tell you, they sure have cooked up some pretty ridiculous ‘MUST HAVE’ mommy things out there. I am so so glad I have already been through it, and do not feel the need to stress about which baby carrier I need, or which car seat is the safest.

3. Time goes by faster. There is no doubt when you are running after a little one the pregnancy goes by much faster. Each week we were pregnant with James we made up an alliterative name to correspond to the fruit that he was the size of. I don’t think I could even keep up with that this time around. We are just five weeks away from the due date and I find myself wanting things to slow down so I can get a bit more prepared and feel not so crazy before this baby comes. ( I guess this could also be because it is the middle of holiday season as well.)

4. Every pregnancy is different. While so far for me this has been true, I would not say it is as drastic as it is for some people out there. In the first trimester I was about as equally sick as I was with James, however I was WAY more exhausted, and have been WAY more emotional the entire pregnancy. I also feel like this baby is higher than James. I have a harder time breathing and can’t eat as much with this one. Do I think that any of these things point to what the sex is? NO! Not at all. I have had friends with totally different symptoms each pregnancy and have the same sex both times. I am just praying for a healthy baby. The one thing that I have a love/hate relationship with this pregnancy is that this baby LOVES sweets. With James even fruit was too sweet for me. With this baby all I want is a baked good every day. I don’t even like that many sweets when I am not pregnant. Hoping this goes away once the baby comes.

5. I really get to enjoy it! I have found myself really enjoying being pregnant this time. I am lucky in the fact that I feel pretty good most of pregnancy. During my entire second trimester I had so much energy and was nesting like crazy. I was so productive it was AWESOME! Also, this time it is not so weird to feel the movement of the baby. This time I think instead, WOW! This is so cool! This baby is my future baby! And it is so much more tangible because I have my sweet baby James to compare to.

I am starting to feel bigger and slow down but overall this pregnancy has been super smooth. I am thankful that all has gone well so far. I am thankful for this baby on the way. Can’t wait to meet this little one and add one more to the Baum clan.

Baby Baum and I waiting patiently at our check up a few weeks ago.

Baby Baum and I waiting patiently at our check up a few weeks ago.


One thought on “The Joys of Second Pregnancy

  1. I love the way you talk about the beauty of having a child and how blessed you are with James and soon another added blessing to your family! Love you Amy, you are precious!

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