It’s A Boy!

IMG_0498On December 22, we welcomed Charles Marshall Baum to our family. He was born at 6:33pm, weighed 7 pounds even, was 20.5 inches long, and his head was 13.5 cm in circumference. The whole process went so smoothly and was so much easier than the first time around. I was so thankful for this as I did not feel too great before, during or after I had James.

I think it is safe to say that many people were surprised that Charles was a boy. Many of our close friends and family were pretty convinced we were having a girl this time. This included Austin, who I think was in a state of shock that it was another boy once he arrived. Either way we were so very excited to meet him and we still love having it be a surprise.


Family of four : )


Unforgettable moment.


It is amazing to me how much different from James, Charles seemed from the first few scans at the doctor’s office and throughout the whole pregnancy. James was always front and center as if he was waving to us saying ‘look at me!’ during our ultrasounds. No surprise now as James is Mr. Outgoing himself. Charles on the other hand was always hiding and reserved. During our big 20 week ultrasound we didn’t even get a good profile shot of Charles because he just wanted to stay put with his hands over his face right where he was. I have had a feeling that he had a very different personality from James and it seems to be true so far.

So far the transition home has been pretty easy, minus the chaos of Christmas. I must admit we have been overwhelmed by people and celebrations since the moment we got home. We LOVE having people over, but right after you have a baby is probably not the best time to be hosting events at your house. Lesson learned. I am excited that things are going to slow down a bit now and we can have some time with just the four of us.


My three boys.


First family Christmas photo.


Charles leading the March for the first time as the youngest in the family.

Back to Charles… He is a super sweet baby. He is extremely mellow and there is very little that seems to get him upset. He does not like to be rocked or bounced. Instead he likes to just be held calmly. I am not complaining as this is very easy to accommodate compared to a baby who needs constant motion. He is a great eater and at our first doctor’s appointment he had already gained enough weight to surpass his birth weight. He is also a great sleeper! What a blessing! He is sleeping three and four hour stretches at night which is so much better than one or two hour stretches. He is becoming more alert and is starting to inspect the world around him. He has a very serious look on his face when he is awake. It will be interesting to see if this plays into his personality later on.

When comparing him to baby pictures of James there are for sure some differences and similarities. They both have my button nose. It is one of the most dominant traits I have ever seen. It is  from my maternal grandmother and almost all of my cousins have it. They also both have great skin coloring, that looks much like my dad’s. As for differences, their eyes are shaped completely differently, James had and still has big ole’ cheeks like his dad, Charles did not get as big of cheeks. Charles’ mouth is a bit smaller than James’. James’ face shape was much more round as a baby. Charles’ is more shaped like a V. Charles has fingers and toes that are super long, which neither Austin or I have so he got those from someone else. I would not be surprised if he ends up taller than James one day. I am so interested to see how much they will or won’t look alike as time goes on. Either way they are both super cute to me!


Baby James.


Baby Charles.


Baby James.


Baby Charles.


Baby James.


Baby Charles.

As for the name Charles Marshall, he is named after my uncle Charles Thaddeus Terry, who passed away when I was ten. He was a tremendous man who was so kind, humble and a servant in all he did. Marshall is after Austin’s maternal grandfather Donald Marshall Baker. I never knew him but I have been told that he was a wonderful man who loved the Lord greatly. We are well aware of the fact that we also have a dog named Charles. To be clear we did not name him after the dog. : ) Austin named the dog before we met and it just ended up that it was one of our favorite family names for a boy. For now we are calling the baby Charles and the dog Charlie. I am sure one day this will change but for now it will help to differentiate.

We are so thankful for another healthy baby and so excited to begin our adventure as a family of four. Welcome to the family Charles! You are so very loved already.

IMG_0808 IMG_0795 IMG_0759 DSC_0546 DSC_0549


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