One Month

Charles is one month today! Most days it seems like he has always been around to me. It has been an easy transition overall so far and for that I am so very thankful.

Charles is getting more and more alert these days. I try as hard as I can to get a smile from him but he still just gives me his serious look back. He is a pretty content little guy for the most part and lately really just wants to be held. I don’t mind this as I know these days are going to be gone soon. He is sleeping well too. PRAISE THE LORD! What a blessing. Sleep is such a gift as a mom of two under two. He is a great eater and is gaining weight like a champ. He has leg rolls! I am so very excited about this as I love baby rolls! James got chunky but never really had any real rolls. Charles likes to just sit and stare at people, especially me. This of course melts this mommy’s heart and makes me fall in love with him more.

We are so thankful to have been blessed with this sweet baby boy and can’t wait to continue to watch him grow and soak in the world around him.


Charles and his cousin Tyler who are just 12 days apart



Serious Charles


Cheering on the Wildcats



Love those sleepy baby smiles


All bundled up reading with Daddy


Keeping warm for his first trip to the White Mountains


Sleeping through his first trip to the zoo


Typical look from Charles. Ps. Check out the leg rolls : )


‘Mom i’m crooked.’


Seriously serious


Things You Forget

It is no joke when they say you forget what it is like to have a newborn. Even though James has not even hit 2 yet, there are still things I had forgotten about the joys and challenges of having a newborn. Here are some things I had forgotten:

-There is nothing better than snuggling a newborn. They smell so great and mold to your body perfectly.

-A week or two of getting up every few hours does not seem too bad. It is once you hit three or four weeks that the exhaustion really sets in.

-You are silly if you try to do anything other than nap while the baby is napping. It is so easy to want to get things done, run to the store, check things off the to do list, but the reality is you will be up in the night so you need to rest when you can. I have been much better about this, this time than I was with James.

-Once a newborn goes from waking every 1-2 hours at night to 3-4 hour stretches you feel like you can function much more normally. Sleep is sacred.

-Breastfeeding is difficult but worth it. I am so thankful this is my second go around. It was so hard for me with James but with Charles it has been smooth sailing. I have a friend who just had her first baby and she is struggling so much with this. It is so important to know as a new mommy that you are not the only one that this has been hard for and that it will get better,

-Mommy friends are so helpful! Knowing other moms that are in a similar time of parenting as you is so very helpful. To keep you sane, ask lots of questions, be a shoulder to cry on when things get hard, enjoy the sweet moments and encourage each other.

-Baby boys can pee out the side of a diaper without getting any pee on the diaper and soak their clothes and blankets. It is impressive and annoying at the same time as you have to change them again.

-Although the newborn needs attention, you are healing too. You did just pop a baby out! Take it easy. You will feel better each week. Allow others to help if they offer. No need to conquer the world right now.

-Having your newborn look into your eyes makes your heart melt in ways you didn’t know your heart could melt.

-The whole process of pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn is crazy, unbelievable, amazing and a blessing all at once. Enjoy it all because it goes by oh so fast.


Happy New Year!

Another year is upon us which gives us another opportunity to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. Every year of our marriage, Austin and I have compiled a list of goals for the coming year. In the past few years we have framed our goals and posted them in our house so we can see them on a regular basis. Throughout the year we check on the goals and see how we are doing with them. We check them off as we go and mark progress on the ones that take a little longer. It is so awesome to see all that we accomplished at the end of the year. Our goals have multiple categories including individual goals, goals that both of us are accomplishing together, spiritual goals, career goals, community goals and financial goals. We always have a good time coming up with new goals for each year. It is so easy to let life happen and busy schedules to take over, but when you are intentional with the time you have it makes time go by a little slower and life a little sweeter. I am excited about our goals this year and what the Lord has for us in 2014.