Two Under Two

We have survived our first few weeks with two under two! Much to my surprise it has not been as crazy as I thought it might possibly be. This is just a small picture of what it has looked like in the Baum household lately:

-James has been a big helper. He wants to hold baby Charles all the time. He brings me diapers and wipes. He helps put the baby’s binky back in. He gets very worried about Charles when he cries.

-Some reverting to baby days for James which has included climbing into the bassinet and pretending to sleep and sucking on a binky.

-Letting James get away with things that I would normally not let him get away with because I am feeding a baby and can’t stop him from doing what he is doing.

-Napping during James’ nap time and lots of cuddles with James and Charles.

-Times when I am caring for Charles and can’t tend to James if he is crying or needs something. This is a hard one for this mommy as I wish I could do both at once.

-Having to plan more time when getting ready to get out of the house. It is amazing how much longer it can take to get out of the house and get around when you have two.

-Lots of diaper changing.

-Forgetting the double stroller which equalled me carrying sleepy James in one arm and Charles in his carseat in the other to an appointment. They are heavy!

-James sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night which makes us question why we even have a three bedroom house when all four of us are in the same room by the end of the night.

Overall, I am enjoying both of my boys and so thankful for the time I am getting with them right now.



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