2 Months

Two months sure has flown by with this sweet little guy! To think it is the end of February already is crazy to me. As I have mentioned before welcoming Charles in our family has been pretty smooth overall. It really does seem like he has always been there to me. These two months have been filled with lots of fun and a little sleep here and there.

Charles continues to have a very different personality than his older brother. He started smiling around four weeks but didn’t really start actively smiling at us until 6 weeks. His smile is getting cuter by the second which makes spending time with him so much fun. He really seems to perk up whenever James is talking to him which is fun to watch.

He is a BIG boy and I maintain that he will be bigger than James one day. He had his two moth check up today and weighs 12 pounds already, doubling his birth weight. He is also long 24 inches to be exact putting him in the 90th percentile. He has outgrown most of his three month clothes simply because he is so long. Can’t believe I have already busted out the 6 month clothes for this kid.

He has a very sweet demeanor and is very laid back overall. He has his moments when he is hungry or tired where he gets grumpy but really for the most part is a good baby. My favorite moments are when we cuddle on the couch together. One thing I LOVE about babies is their smell! I know this sounds crazy but seriously when you have a baby they give off a scent that is simply intoxicating for you as a mommy. I think it is just another awesome part of the way God created us. It makes it so you never want to leave their side. Austin doesn’t seem to notice this so maybe it is just a mommy thing. Either way I LOVE it!

Charles really likes being held in the baby carrier and reaching for toys on his play mat. He is getting more alert everyday. He has recently started to sleep for longer stretches at night which I am so very thankful for!

So thankful for this little one and the great addition he his to our family! Love you sweet Charles!


Happy boy!


The usual serious face we get.


Smiling and breakfast with grandpa.


6 weeks



Not so happy about posing for a picture with his cousin Tyler.


Brothers in jeans and boots for the Rodeo.


James teaching Charles how to pound it.


Such a sweet face!


He was so happy the first time I put him in his bumpo.


Big Brother giving his brother his binks.


Baptism day for the Baum boys.


So happy he almost fell over.


2 months!


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