Enjoying 2 YEAR OLD!!! James

One of my favorite things about my maternity leave was the ability to spend quality time with James. At the end of pregnancy I was tired and working and not able to really spend a lot of quality time with him. He is such a FUN kid and I am so thankful for the time off I had with him. He is TWO now! Time really does fly by but with how much fun he is it sure is a joyous ride.

Here are some of the things he is doing now that make me and lots of others smile:

-When in the store he asked for my sunglasses. I asked him,”What do you say?” and instead of his normal “Peese mommy.” He responded, “Oh Baby,” with an ‘I look so cool’ look on his face as he put them on.

-Making us repeat everything that he says over and over and over and OVER! He wants to really make sure you are understanding what he is talking about.

-He has started to memorize some of his favorite books. My favorite one he has memorized is ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ He has even been reciting it just for fun during the day when we aren’t reading it.

-He now will set the table for us. He gets everything from the plastic ware drawer and is so proud of himself. He really soaks in everything we do and wants to copy us.

-When singing the chorus my mom made up in the book ‘Love You Forever’ James taps his hand on his knee as if he is enjoying my singing so much. So sweet.

-He has picked up so many silly phrases lately. Including ‘otay’ and ‘dude’ to which he adds to just about anything ‘mommy dude’ ‘daddy dude’ ‘Jamesy dude.’ When saying goodbye to people at our house he will use a myriad of farewell greetings including see ya later dude and Merry Christmas. Obviously we said that A LOT during the holidays because it stuck with him.

-He LOVES Christmas. He always asks for ‘HO HO HO’ music or movies. He never dances around more than when he is listening to Christmas music. He always asks me to sing ‘HO HO HO’ music his favorites are Jingle Bells and Up on the Roof Top. I love Christmas too so I enjoy too.

-His imagination is coming to life. He will lay out Jenga blocks side by side and present they are a piano to play. He pretended a piece of cardboard was a skate board. He is doing lots of pretend play with his Legos and other toys. So fun to see his imagination at work.

-When he sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night he always brings something with him besides his blanket. Each day brings a new item including a hammer, books of all kinds, a whiffle ball, and a drum.

We are so thankful for sweet Jamesy! Happy Birthday my love! Your Daddy and I love you so so much!


Jenga Piano


Christmas and cookies


Hugging his Bear Bear


Hitting his Bear Bear


No such thing as smiling pictures with his Bear Bear these days. That’s okay. This is real life with a 2 year old.


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