Wild Tings Pahty!

For James’ second birthday we had a Where the Wild Things Party. He has LOVED the book and can recite most of it without help. So we decided to make a party of it. We talked it up for a few weeks before hand and James could not stop talking about his ‘Wild Tings Pahty.’ Because I was on maternity leave, I had some time to Pintrest a few ideas and have some fun with it. It turned out super cute and it was really fun to put together too! Here’s a peek a what it looked like:


Welcome Wild Things Sign


‘And now,’ Max said, ‘Let the Wild Rumpos Start!’


Austin made this sweet cutout of Max, King of All the Wild Things


I found some sweet masks that were from a teacher’s resource page. Score!


James, I mean Max…


Wild Things were all around.


More fun teacher’s resources that I put to work on the cupcakes.


Drooling over his cupcakes.


Pound it Max, Pound it!



It was a super fun time and we are so thankful for our friends and family that love James so well!


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