3 months

Sir Charles is 3 months old! He is getting more fun by the second! It is amazing to watch them grow, learn and soak up the world around them. Charles continues to have a more reserved personality. He is smiling a lot now, but only gives them out to who he wants, when he wants. He mostly loves to smile for mommy, daddy and his big brother. He will watch James and smile and smile at him as he talks to him or plays with his toys. It is pretty fun seeing the two of them interact. He is trooper when it comes to long car rides and his brother accidentally being too rough with him.

Charles is getting a lot stronger. He is able to hold his head up really well and is less and less wobbly when you are holding him. He is pushing himself up with his forearms during tummy time. He is kicking a lot more and is grabbing at toys. He remains a very content baby for the most part but does have moments where he cries and there is just no explanation for it. Since it is is not that often I don’t mind giving him the cuddling and loving that he wants. I find myself just holding him and not wanting to let go because I know this phase is oh so short and these are the days that everyone looks back at so fondly. His baby smell is the best thing in the world, which probably contributes to me wanting to hold him so much!

I really can’t believe 3 months have passed but I am so thankful for every moment I have with my boys now that I am working again. Love you sweet Charles! You are a joy in every sense of the world!
















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