4 Months

Sweet Charles is four months. He is a little love bug and has a smile that seriously melts everyone. He is a happy baby who loves being held and lots of attention. He gets grumpy when he is hungry but don’t we all? James knows how to get him to stop crying by helping him with his binky or just playing with him which is really nice. Charles sure does love his older brother. He is always smiling at James and watching him as he plays. Charles loves to sit up and does not want to lay down or be stuck in a chair. He wants to be a part of the action.

At his four month check up he weighed 15.5 pounds, which is actually about the same as James at this age. For some reason he seems bigger to me than James did at four months but the numbers say else wise. He is getting more and more vocal each day. Lots of cooing and laughing. He can hold his head up very well during tummy time and able to do tummy time for longer and longer. He is not interested in rolling over yet but I am in no rush for a rolling baby. He loves it when you hold him upright and have him bear his weight on his legs. We have taken him swimming twice now. He hated it the first time and loved it the second. He has tried some rice cereal now and could not get enough. He continues to be a morning baby, always happy and smiling when he wakes in the morning. This was not the case with his older brother who is still grumpy when he wakes up. He is not a good napper yet as he wakes easily. During the day he sleeps with one of his eyes peeking half of the time. Charles also pretty much puts himself to bed as he gets really grumpy around 8pm and falls asleep right when you lay him down.

He is such a joy. We are so very thankful for a healthy, happy baby. Happy 4 months my love! We love you so very much!


Seriously can’t get enough!



Sleeping peacefully.


Loving his play mat


He looks just like his Daddy!


Baby’s first Easter.


Easter Family pic.


Having fun hanging out with his cousin Ty.


Yummy rice cereal.


His expressions are JUST LIKE AUSTIN’S!!!


Sleeping with one eye open