6 Months

Six months sure does fly by even faster with the second one. As always I attempting to soak up every moment that I can. Sweet Charles is such a joy to me and our family. He is now sitting on his own quite well. He still has moments where he will fall over but for the most part is very stable and loves this independence. His appetite has increased dramatically and he is enjoying solid foods so much more. He loves when James talks to him or plays with him. He is full on laughing now but it takes work to get him to laugh. He laughs most often at his brother and when watching kids on the swings. He is rolling a lot now and is pushing up on his forearms a lot. He was doing really well at not being grumpy in the evenings, but seems to have reverted in the past couple weeks. I think it may be due to teething. Hopefully it will go away quickly. He is still just a little love bug. He will let me cuddle him when he is really tired and I am thankful for these moments. Nothing beats a sleeping baby on your chest. Seriously can’t believe he is 6 months already. Looking forward to the coming months and watching him grow. We love you sweet Charles! You are such a blessing to us!20140630-004720-2840068.jpg
















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