Charles is 8 Months

Sweet Charles is 8 months. It is so hard for me to believe how fast it has gone this time around. Charles is growing and learning more and more each day. He is currently:

– Babbling like crazy. Mostly ba ba ba, but he did use ma ma ma the other day! James said da da da first, so I’m convinced Charles is more of a mama’s boy.
-Scooting in circles, beginning to crawl and pulling up on furniture. Loving holding your hands so he can stand up.
-Eating ridiculously large amounts of food. ALL DAY LONG! My theory is if you keep him constantly fed he will be a happy baby for you the majority of the time.
-Laughing hysterically at his brother for no apparent reason other than he loves him and thinks James is hilarious.
-Clapping and getting excited about random things through the day. Also signing more when he is wanting more food.
-Putting everything in his mouth that he can.
-Rocking a mohawk most days. The way his hair grows lends perfectly to this.
-Making diaper changes more difficult as he is squirming everywhere.
-Getting more content by the second. As he is hitting the attachment stage he cries when I leave the room or put him down, or sometimes for no explicable reason. What a challenge this can be!! Although he is sweet, and his smile melts me completely, I would not refer to Charles as my easy baby, BUT he is getting better day by day. I am super thankful for this, as staying at home with a grumpy baby makes me go crazy!
-Loving taking in his surroundings, and exploring. He is always most content when we are out and about. He loves to watch the world around him and you can tell he is taking it all in.
-Batting his big brown eyes and smiling at anyone who comes his way.

We love you so much sweet Charles! Your sweetness and laughter bring us so much joy! We pray you grow to love the Lord greatly and serve Him all your days.


Dinner with Grandam Marilyn


Cuddling with his big brother


Passed out


Happy baby


Stinker face


Hanging with Uncle PJ


Is there something on my face?


Rockin the mohawk


Clapping like a champ


Driving mama crazy while she is trying to get the house cleaned


Checkin himself out in the mirror






2 thoughts on “Charles is 8 Months

  1. Loved the pic of Charles and me. I love being with you guys. Could you text it to me so I can put it in my pics. M

    Sent from my iPad Marilyn

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