Charles is 9 Months!

Gah! Stop growing so fast little one!! This month went by so fast! Charles is up to new things all the time including:

-Army crawling. He can get anywhere he wants now and is super excited about it.

-Pulling himself up on furniture.

-Adoring his brother and always wanting to be near him. He really loves it when James jumps around him or gets hyper around him. Makes me nervous but he laughs hysterically.

-Finally holding his own bottle!!! And he weaned himself as well. A few months earlier than James did. Makes me feel a bit sentimental as he is the baby but at the same time thankful as he is not as dependent on me.

-He has been super happy lately which makes me super happy! I think is independence is what makes the difference for him.

-Eating dog food, when I don’t pay attention.

-Pulling books off shelves and making a mess everywhere he goes.

-Eating mostly regular good and feeding himself. Yay!! Loves avacado, beans, crackers and watermelon.

-He is stubborn fellow who will let you know when he is not happy about something. He started a new high pitch screen that is enough to drive me crazy. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.

-Cuddling me close and patting me sweetly.

-Talking up a storm. He babbles mama directed at me, dada directed at Austin, baba when he wants milk and mmmmmm when hungry.

Love you sweet Charles!! Each day with you is a gift!IMG_5067.JPG














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