I once went to a women’s retreat for church, while Austin and I were dating. During the retreat I went to a session about marriage and family life. Austin and I were getting more serious and I thought it appropriate to learn from older wiser women about what I was about to get myself into. At the session one of the women stated, “Bedtime is my FAVORITE TIME OF DAY!” At the time my gut response was, ‘HOW SAD??? How can bed time be your favorite time of day? There is so much life to be lived during the day!” This has stuck with me for many years and I have always, almost intentionally, tried to make it so bed time was NOT my favorite time of day. BUT, the day has come, where I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY GET IT! Having two children is wonderful, and I am SO SO thankful to be a mommy, but it is also HARD and EXHAUSTING! And so for this season of my life, bedtime might just be one of my favorite times of day and I am okay with it.IMG_5777-0.JPG


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