Charles is One Year!!!

My baby is one year old!! In some ways I feel like jumping up and shouting ‘Hallelujah! We SURVIVED!!!’ On the other hand it feels like yesterday that we were bringing him home just a few days before Christmas.

Charles has been so precious lately and brought so much joy to those around him. On the eve of his birthday he took his FIRST STEPS! So cute! And he is so proud of himself. He is cutting his first two teeth, finally. He loves to watch what you are doing and repeat whatever it is that you are doing. For example putting laundry in the laundry basket, or coloring on paper. He is as feisty as ever and always makes it known when he is not liking something. He talks about ‘Da Da’ or ‘Daddy’ all day still. He uses ‘ma’ for more and is using signs a bit more frequently which has been great because it cuts out a lot of the screaming I was hearing previously. He is getting much better at playing on his own and exploring his surroundings. For his first birthday we took him to the zoo. He was enamored with the otters and the gibbons.

We are so thankful for this year with our sweet Charles! We love you you dear son and are excited to watch you grow and learn more and more each day! Happy Birthday!
















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