Happy 3rd Birthday Jamesy!!!


Rockin’ on his guitar.


Birthdays just keep getting more fun in the Baum household! James was all about celebrating his birthday this year. In the days leading up he kept saying, ‘My birthday is coming, I feel so happy!’ with a ginormous grin on his face.

It is so hard to believe it was three years ago that we welcomed James into this world, and joined the ranks of parents. It feels like yesterday, and forever ago all at the same time. I have gotten close to the point of happy tears multiple times the past few days as I am feeling so grateful for my sweet James, and the gift of parenthood.


Helping grocery shop at Trader Joe’s, with a helmet on of course. : )

James is such a JOY! He is loving his school and his sweet teachers. He has easily slipped himself into the role of ‘kid who follows the rules and makes sure everyone else does too,’ and ‘always has to be the line leader kid.’ He is a typical first born. He even wants to be the line leader at home, all of the time. Walking to and from the car to the house, ‘No Mommy, I’m the line leader.’ Going to take a bath, ‘No Charles, I’m the line leader.’ He gravitates to the children who are older than him on the playground, particularly the kindergartners as they are the oldest. He loves playing soccer with them. Thankfully, they indulge the cute little one who wants to play with them. He is so mature for his age and his vocabulary constantly amazes me.


‘Cowboy’ James.



He is very particular. For example, the other night we were eating Lettuce Wraps and he had a melt down because ‘my lettuce has holes in it’ (insert dramatic crying tantrum). The fact that the lettuce had holes and the sauce and chicken were falling out of the lettuce wrap was just too much for him. He also does this if his socks are turned one slight turn wrong on his toes. When buckling him in his carseat he likes to buckle the plastic buckle himself but wants us to do the metal buckle. However, he wants it in that order, and if you try to do the metal one before he gets to the plastic he says, ‘No mommy, One at a time!’ There are plenty of things we stand our ground on with him but seat buckling is not the battle I choose to fight so ‘one at a time’ it is.


Making cookies with mommy.

He is still so very independent. He spreads his own cream cheese with his own (plastic) knife. He packs his own lunch. He dresses himself pretty much completely everyday. This of course ends up in underwear, pants and shirt on backwards, but I’m cool with it.


When you dress yourself at age two, you might end up with backwards pants and shoes on the wrong feet.

He loves to ‘neak’ (sneak) in our bed every night. Truthfully, I love it. I love the little pitter patter of his feet as he comes from his room. I pick him up from my sleepy stupor and lay him in between us. Thankfully he sleeps well and we are able to continue a good night’s rest. I know these days will be gone so fast, so I think him still sneaking in allows me to soak in these moments.


His favorite monkey towel.

He is starting to really be able to recognize his letters and even drew his first J recently. He thinks that every word that starts with a J is James. He will randomly point out letters he knows on street signs and papers that he sees. I Love that he is making these small steps towards literacy already. Watching his brain process it all is so incredible. We love reading books together, and he is starting to read books to me through the pictures which is fun.


His first time writing a J. His is on the left.



He loves riding his bike and is getting really good at balancing. We are hoping to transition him to a real bike in the coming months. He also loves running, and gets very sad when mommy goes for a run that he cannot go with.


Mastering his balance bike.

He is such a sweet brother most of the time. He will go over to Charles when he is crying and say ‘It’s okay Charlesy’ ‘Look at this funny joke’ and then will proceed with some sort of funny action. He does of course have his moments where he will just hit or knock down his brother, but what brother doesn’t.


In case you are under the impression he is always happy, he has his grumpy moments too.

He is really into knock knock jokes these days, as in ‘knock knock’ ‘who’s there’ ‘hope you don’t pee on a wall!’ Followed by ridiculous laughter. Oh brother, pee and poop jokes start at such a young age.


Enjoying the rain splish splashing with his batman boots.

He loves to pray at meal time and before bed. His prayers regularly include, ‘thank you for super heroes,’ ‘thank you for farting’ ‘thank you that my cheese is floppy’ and other such things that throw us into a fit of laughter every time.

He is a cautious boy and has a sweet heart. He gets worried for other kids when they are sick or hurt. He always moves to the side of the road as soon as he hears or sees a car coming. The other day he hit me when frustrated about something. He of course was in trouble immediately and went to time out. After a short while of crying out his frustration. He stopped crying and came over to me and said ‘I’m sorry for hitting you mommy, Now I’m going to be a good listener.’ I was in awe of his ability at such a young age to calm himself down and realize how to handle the circumstance without any prompting. Of course we have prompted him in similar circumstances before to do just this, but he was able to put it into motion himself, which I think is pretty cool.


Classic James expression. Goggles necessary at all times.


Snow time!!

We could not be more proud and thankful for the young boy James is becoming. He is loving, welcoming, funny and smart. James we love you so much and we are so so thankful for you. We pray that you continue to grow to be a bright, funny, and loving young boy and that Jesus will be the light that guides your every step.

Celebrating at his ‘school time’ with his friends and teachers.

Blue birthday cupcakes, his request.


‘I’m Swree’

Happy Birthday Sweet Jamesy!!