Growing Boys!!! 

My goodness! I feel like my boys are growing up so fast lately. Mostly so I don’t forget this sweet phase I am documenting what they are each up to. 

James- Such a crazy/joyful time with him right now. One minute he will be happy as a clam and the next he is in total melt down mode over the slightest thing. It could be someone praying before him, not getting to be the line leader, putting his outfit on in the wrong order, or a hole in his toast. It feels much like I imagine a dramatic teenage girl house to feel during these moments. Then the next moment he is sweet as could be so happy about anything. He continues to love school and his friends at ‘school time’ as he affectionately calls it. He has an attachment to an orange soccer ball on campus that he claims is his, even though it is the schools. Everyday he comes into my office to ask me to pump it as it has a hole in it. I gladly do it and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to see him throughout the day. 

Lately he has been saying in his prayers things like ‘Dear Lord my mommy was not being nice but now her nice.’ This is of course after he has gotten in trouble for something. His prayers are more matter of fact prayers. 

Although he eats his entire breakfast and lunch we cannot get him to eat much at dinner. We never force it but he does miss out on special treats because of it. 

He LOVES to take a bucket or tin full of toys wherever he goes these days. He also enjoys picking up rocks and saving them for ‘later,’ never to use them again. 

He still loves to cuddle me and he and Charles fight over my lap. We always split it one leg for each. How do people with three do it? He has been wanting me to hold him lately and keeps saying ‘I’m not too big for you too hold me. See!’ I’m a sucker for this as I know one day soon he will be! 

We love reading books and going to the library together. Lately we have been reading Amelia Bedelia books which he finds funny and take me back to my childhood. 

When you ask him a question he will respond ‘Sure sure sure’ or ‘yes, yes, yes’ a few times in a row very quickly. Not sure where he got this from but it is a funny thing for a three year old to do. 

He is a love and I’m so thankful for him. I cannot believe how big he has gotten. 


Charles-My sweet baby is growing as well. He is almost 16 months. He is talking up a storm. He squeals ‘mama’ happily when I get home which makes me melt! He says agua instead of water and many other Spanish words as his loving nanny only speaks Spanish. It’s pretty awesome. He does a whole body nodd if you ask him if he wants something. He loves to tickle you and be tickeled by you. When he is tired for the day he will point to his crib and say ‘nigh nigh’ and wants to be placed in the crib right then. 

He is still super content while eating and can eat james under the table. This evening while James ate a hand full of noodles Charles finished three large bowlfulls. He asks for applesauce ‘apple-dauce’ often. 

Charles loves our dog Charlie and will pet him and lay on him randomly throughout the day. 

He still is super attached to mommy and wants to be held if I am around. He reaches his arms out and says ‘Uh-buh-ta’ not sure how Up became a three syllable word but it’s what he says. 

He loves going to the park and sliding down the big slide with me. He is fearless and will climb more and more these days. 

He loves to get dirty and play in mud and dirt. It makes my motivation to bathe him very low. As soon as I bathe him he is covered again. 

He too loves to read and says ‘buh’ whine he wants to. He likes to read on his own terms though. He holds the book, he turns the pages (or doesn’t). 

He loves to hear the sound of his loud voice bellow out. Through the vuvuzela, a cup or anything esle where he can project sound. It brings him great delight. 

He loves to dance, spin and sing. Our nanny will say ‘cantame mi Nino’ and he will go on and on singing. 

Our nanny has been teaching him to be gentle saying ‘carrinito’ if you say this to him he will gently stroke your cheek. It is the sweetest. 

He too is a joy and I’m so thankful for them both. 



That’s was a lot of update but I know one day I will miss these things. I love being their mommy!! Im so grateful for the blessing of motherhood.