Baum Boys Update

  Time for another Baum boys update.


Mr. James will be three and a half next month. Yikes. He’s getting so big. He is thoroughly enjoying preschool. He is a GREAT big brother and loves Charles so well. Many times I will find him reading to Charles, including him in play intentionally or saying sweet things to him. He really likes tape right now and always tries to sneak it out of the craft cabinet. A few weeks ago my front bumper was covered in scotch tape as he thought it was broken. He loves to help my cook in the kitchen. He wants his own cutting board and own plastic knife so he can really help. He loves helping water the plants. He has super sweet moments where he will just come up to you and tell you how much he loves you. He proceeds with planting a big kiss on your lips and refuses to let go. At times it gets awkward because he hangs on to the kiss so long. He calls it a ‘longy kiss.’ Thankfully he only does it with me and Austin. He continues to practice his drumming and guitar playing. He has his sassy moments and challenges me some days more than others. He joins me while I do exercises at home with his own small set of weights. He can keep up with Austin and I on our runs for quite a distances now and we constantly have to slow him down on his bike so we can catch up. Some of my favorite things he says right now… swree instead of three, runging instead of running and vinivan instead of minivan. He is the child that always reminds me if I forget to buckle his seat belt and wants to make sure everyone is following the rules. I wonder where he gets this from? ; ) He requests watching ‘Science shows’ with Austin for a special treat. They are currently into the you tube channels, ‘Smarter Every Day’ and ‘Veritasium.’ I wish these kind of channels were around when I was in school. They sure make science super fun.


I love the age and stage he is at. He is just about 20 months. He is sassy and fun. His vocab is increasing daily and it is so fun to be around for it. He and James share a bed most nights, not because they don’t have their own bed but because they love cuddling each other. I love hearing the pitter patter of his feet as he runs across the house to say good morning and cuddle us. He still has a faint smell of baby smell left when he wakes up from a nap or sleep but it is almost gone which makes me sad. Soaking it in while I still can. He loves music, dancing and singing. We have recently found that if he is irate about something all you have to do is sing to him and it is like a light switch that instantly calms him. It’s awesome. He gets really excited about small things and starts dancing or happily screaming about them. When I come home from work, when he gets some string cheese, when he is playing outside in the dirt it all deserves dancing and happy screeches. Current things he says.. ‘Do dat’ as in I want to do that. Today he said ‘do dat’ right after James climbed a wall. ‘Hold it’ as in I want to hold the phone and face time with ‘Unk Drew,’ and not let anyone else hold the phone. ‘unry’ as in get me food now or else I will continue to say ‘unry’ louder and louder until I am fed. (We are working on his patience. Ha.) He is strong willed and makes it very clear when he wants something. We finally got him off the binky. Hooray!! It took some work but I’m so happy about it. His favorite thing by far right now is ‘orseys’ aka horseys. He loves looking at them, watching shows about them, reading books about them and even petting real horses. His obsession really fascinates me. Today he was bent on bringing his toy rocking horse with us to the store. He dragged it all the way from his room to the car and had such a sad look when I said he couldn’t bring it. He wasn’t throwing a fit at all just sad because he loves his horsey so much. I gave in. I think getting smaller stuffed horse animal might be a good investment. We have been introducing him to potty training and so far he stands there and produces long strings of spit instead. I am pretty sure he thinks that the spit is equivalent to pee at this time. Obviously we are still working on this one. Many meals he is the one who reminds us to pray as he says ‘Amen’ randomly before or during the meal.

 Both of them are doing so well and we are so thankful for the fun and joy they bring to our lives. We pray that they continue to grow strong and healthy and that they love and serve the Lord all their days.



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