Farewell Charlie Dawg

hp 11-06  058Today was a sad day in the Baum household. Our beloved Charlie dog is gone. He was such a huge part of our family and has been around since the very beginning of Austin and I dating. I thought it only fitting that I write a short bit about Charlie and some of our favorite times with him.

Austin got Charlie from a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder in 2006. He was a runt of the litter as he was ridge less but Austin took to him right away because he was the most quiet puppy in the pack. He was dubbed King Charles the Lion Hunter, as Rhodesians have a history of hunting lions in their blood.

1930682_663047804822_3625_n25118_853391304922_7022935_nSome memories…

Osa (my dog) and Charlie got along right off the bat. Charlie was not one for befriending other dogs easily. He was never mean to other dogs but to be his friend as a dog really meant something. He liked Osa right away which was great for Austin and I as we started dating. He used to gnaw on Osa’s neck and they used to make out all the time. Young puppy love.

doggies (5) copyAustin threw a large first birthday party for Charlie which included all of his dog friends, a pinata filled with bones, singing happy birthday and even his grandparents and great grandmother were there. He was a bit spoiled. : )

DSC00854 copycharlie bdayHe liked to defy gravity often as he was able to jump incredibly well and was very nimble. Once he jumped off a cliff that he underestimated the distance of. People at the bottom were freaking out but he lived! 

IMG_9107He was a talker. When he wanted something he would just start saying “roo roo roo roo” at you. It wasn’t a bark but a talk for sure.

We took him on our cross country journey to Indiana where he got to see Arches national monument, Lake Powell, Denver, Chicago, and the beloved family lake house. A well traveled doggie. Indy 2007 (65)

Indy 2007 (9) copyWhile in Denver he got to hang out with our friend’s dog Addison. During their time together he managed to open the second story window and hop out of it. Thankfully he lived through that one too.

He was always great with our boys. I never once had to worry that he would snap at or have issues with the boys as we brought them home. He loved them well and tolerated them laying on top of him or pestering him.

His favorite things were riding in his daddy’s jeep, basking in the sun, fresh air out the window of the car and being allowed on the couch.

1936456_736393669122_3471952_n25118_853391334862_4599885_nHe was one of the sweetest, best behaved and most handsome dogs I have ever known. He will be missed so greatly. Thanks for so many sweet memories and great years Char Char!