Four Years Old Jamesy!

 My sweet baby James is FOUR! What a gift he is in our lives. He constantly amazes us with how much he understands about the world around him. He has such a tender heart and can be found on the playground at school patting the back of one of his friends giving them encouraging words. (I like to think he gets this from me : ) ). He will randomly tell me ‘This was the best day ever in the whole wide world!’ or ‘You’re my best mommy ever.’ He is a rule follower and wants to ensure that the other children are following the rules as well. He is a great listener and even when you don’t think he is paying attention he will surprise you with some complex understanding of what just happened. He can be timid, especially when there are lots of people around, but he comes around eventually. He has an attention span way beyond his years. He will sit and color or paint an object for 30 minutes to almost an hour making sure to cover every blank space on the object. He continues to be a bit of a perfectionist and gets frustrated easily when he can’t do something right the first time. We are learning all about practice and how that helps us get better at anything we try. He is the sweetest brother and loves Charles so well. You can often find him getting Charles a snack, sharing his toy or giving him encouraging words. His vocabulary is incredible, just yesterday we overheard him saying, “Charles I am so so aggravated with you!”


Celebrating with friends!

He is currently enjoying Star Wars. You can often hear him humming the songs as he goes about his day. He is very particular about order in which things should occur. This starts at the beginning of the day as he does not want to ever be woken up but likes to slowly start his day as he naturally wakes up. It continues into how he buckles his seatbelt, how he brushes his teeth which always ends with brushing his lips and even how he goes to the bathroom, which entails taking off his shorts, underwear and shoes completely. He loves to help and can legitimately help out with chores like taking out the trash, raking and sweeping. He just started his very first team sport, soccer of course. He has been a bit shy but he loved his last practice and is excited to go back. Watching him from the sidelines has got to be one of my favorite moments of parenthood so far.

We love you so much Jamesy and we pray that the Lord continues to bless you and guide you each and every day.


First day of soccer practice



Special treats for my boys


Cutest smile award


His outfits are the best


Current favorite toy….a John Deere tractor

Minutes after splitting open his head again…life of a boy mom