Charles is 2.5

My baby is 2.5 already! What a fun kid he is. When we had him we did not know if we would call him Charles or Charlie but there is no doubt his personality requires him to be called Charles. There is just so much personality packed into this little one, the big name fits him so well. We have really enjoyed this stage with him.

There is no doubt he is so different from his older brother. They are like night and day however they do love each other and play together well (85% of the time). It is so much fun to see them growing as friends.

Here are some highlights/things I would like to remember about Charles at 2.5.

-He is gaining vocabulary every single day and is able to express his opinion adamantly. He has almost completely lost his mispronouncing of letters and syllables. The sign of a true big kid. He does however say ‘hunder’ instead of thunder and ‘wa-nan-melon’ instead of watermelon right now which brings me joy.

-He is still the funniest one among us and regularly has us all in stitches over some random sentence he spouted out. James regularly tells us,’That kid is hilarious!’ in reference to Charles.

-He has become quite the little fish this summer and is holding his breath well underwater. He is fearless and will jump at you with no notice. Hopefully we can get this fearless boy more pool proof by the end of the summer.

-His favorite book is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” He can recite almost all of it from memory.

-He is LOUD and never stops talking/singing. This is particularly noticeable on long car rides. I love his singing and his happy personality but there are moments when it would be nice to just have some quiet. : )

-He has started tell us ‘You’re the best mommy/daddy ever!’ so naturally we gush over him after that each time.

-He is quite stubborn (nothing he gets from either of us. ha.) This is coming out most in his slow potty training at this time. He is for sure smart enough to learn this but he just does not care/want to.

-He still loves singing a good round of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Old MacDonald’ before bed each night.

-He does not plan his moves or have strategy in anything he does (unlike his brother). He is a free spirit that does what he wants however he wants to. This can be seen in the way he eats an apple or burrito. When he is done with it there are just random bites all over the thing and it is a mangled mess, and he and the table and ground and everything else in sight are covered in food.

-He marches to the beat of his own drum and really could care less what everyone else is doing. Love this about him.

-Before I leave for work each day he tells me, ‘In case you need your umbrella in case it rains and put your sunshade down in case the sun.’ Then he and James sit in the carport waving at me and blowing kisses until I am out of sight. One of my favorite moments.

-He loves to pretend to be a doggie right now. He wants me to throw the ball and will go fetch it on his hands and knees and bring it back, barking for more. It is super cute pretend play.

-He will pretend to be a superhero and run around the house as fast as he can screaming ‘SUPERHERO!’

-He loves to pray for others especially our friends and family.

This little boy is such a blessing in our lives and we could not be more grateful to be his parents. Come over and hang with him any time. We are sure your time will be full of laughter and joy. Love you our sweet Charlesy!


Eating an ice cream cone.


We love his crazy hair.


Eating a burrito.


Love those smiles.


Seriously big personality.


Enjoying some Eegees.

Saddest sad face you ever did see.

Playing doggie with his brother.

He put his underwear on, obviously.

Love him so much!