Relearning How to Sew

Having a baby these days is overwhelming! There are so many things out there that people say you MUST have for a baby. Reality is they really do not need much. However, I did want to have some kind of baby carrier for James as an infant. There are a multitude of types of baby carriers out there it is so hard to choose. They can be very expensive and on top of that you never know which one your baby will actually like so it is kind of a crap shoot.

I ended up being gifted a moby, a snugli, and a baby bjorn. However, James did not like the moby very much because he does not like to be confined and he wants to be able to see out. He has been too small for the bjorn and the snugli until recently so I needed another option. I had a friend who lent me a sling of hers which ended up being perfect!


This is what it looks like.
And this is it in action

However, my friend is having her second baby and is due any day so I had to give it back. I looked up the brand to see how much this little ditty costs and was SHOCKED to find it was ridiculously EXPENSIVE. “Petunia Pickle Bottom” the brand, can be found at Nordstroms and will cost you $71 for this baby! YIKES!

I could not justify buying this loop made of a cotton material for 71 bucks! So I decided to see if I could make one. My mother is quite good with the sewing machine and always tried to teach me as a child but I never has the patience to learn then. Thankfully she was able and willing to help me with this project! Our first trial ended up being a bit to small but practice makes perfect and I was able to create a sling that is almost identical to miss “Petunia Pickle Bottom’s.”


Cute floral print.
And it functions exactly the same.

And guess how much it was to make??

About $7!!!!! Beat that Petunia! I got the fabric SAS Fabrics a local store that has mounds of fabric laying out. It takes some searching but is totally worth the time. My fabric was $1.99 a yard and I only needed one yard of each fabric. Combine that with some thread and there you have it! Plus it was super easy to make. So easy in fact that I made another one for a friend.


You can’t tell here but it is a super cute owl print I found.

I am SO happy I decided to try to make this! I really enjoyed the time relearning how to sew, loved the final product, and can’t wait to venture into something new soon!


Crafting Time

So a few weeks before Christmas I was having issues deciding what to get my mother for Christmas. She usually has a list that she has placed on the fridge for everyone to see what she would like, however this year she did not write a list and when asked what she wanted she said nothing. This is so out of character for her, so I had to get creative.

One day when she was over at my house she saw a Christmas Tree Wire Card Holder that we actually got for free from a friend that didn’t want it anymore.

Here is what ours is like:

My mom commented on how cute it was and so I figured I could get her one too. Well to my luck I could not find any in any stores, and all of the online sites were out of stock. While looking I did find a website that had a “how to make your own.” I thought to myself this should be easy let’s do it.

Holiday Card Holder

I was clearly mistaken that it would be an easy project. I went to multiple craft stores to get the materials and quickly learned that going to craft stores a few weeks before Christmas is worse than going to the mall itself. Note to self if you are going to do a craft for Christmas buy the stuff for it in October. After my multiple trips I finally got all that I needed, I went to work. I was up every night for a week much longer than I would like to have been. All of my other Christmas tasks were done wrapping, shopping, etc but I was still working on this project. On top of this I did not have great needles to sew the buttons on with so I was poking my fingers left and right. After many more hours than I bargained for, and a a wonderful husband who even helped out I FINALLY finished the project!

And she has already put it to good use. I would say it was well worth the time spent.