A Fun Family Saturday

We had a great Saturday today. Sometimes my favorite days are the unplanned, go with the flow, stick around the house kind of days.

Today we started by waking up and heading over to my dad’s barn to check out the horses. James has always been a bit fearful but Charles loved it and did not want to leave. We saw horses, miniature horses, ponies, goats and donkeys. I love that my boys get to grow up around this, even though I am not a horse person.

After that Austin made some delicious blueberry pancakes. I love this weekend tradition. The boys are always busy helping and I even got a chance to read while they were working.

Rain on the front porch.

Charles and I stayed home to rest while James and Austin went off to do some projects on our rental house. I love that James loves to accompany Austin while he is fixing things.

I whipped up a quick lunch and the boys returned. Austin then brought out a large box from Ikea and decided that he wanted to make a rocket with the boys. He is so creative and has an incredible ability to actually make what is in his mind a reality, no matter the project. The boys all worked together while I read my book on the porch during a beautiful thunder storm. After planning, drawing, cutting, and painting we had a rocket! 3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!!

 We then decided to take a family bike ride for dinner. We live very close to a main drag that has tons of restaurants. The boys hopped in the baby trailer and away we went. We stopped for a pizza dinner and sat on the porch. The sunset was bright orange tonight and was breathtakingly beautiful. We headed home but not without stopping at the store for a quick ice cream treat.

Charles wasn’t happy about having to share his seat.

Look at that orange! The picture really doesn’t do it any justice.

When we arrived home, we threw the paint covered boys in the bath. We then enjoyed some ice cream. I finally got my act together and got my exercise for the day in. Simultaneously, the boys passed out in their daddy’s arms.

I am so grateful for days like these. I am in no hurry for the boys to grow up and want to continue to soak in slow, family days.


Front Porch View

When Austin and I were dating, he told me that he always dreamed of having toys scattered all over the front yard in the future. At the time we knew we were not ready for kids yet but it was great to know that he wanted something I wanted. Fast forward six years later and that dream has come true. The other day he pulled me aside to simply gaze out the front window and admire the scattered toys and relish in this season. Although parenting has been the most challenging (while at the same time rewarding) phase in my life so far, I am so thankful for our boys and the evidence of them through greasy fingerprints on the walls, food smashed on to couch cushions and toys on my front porch. 


Season of Thankfulness

Life has lots of ups and downs, but right now things are feeling so sweet and I just want to soak it all in as much as I can. Current things that make me thankful:

-Enjoying my job! It has been awhile since I have been able to say this. I am so thankful to have a job where I can use my gifts and talents well and work with a great team of people.

-Watching James learn how to ride a balance bike.

-Holding Charles close in the baby carrier while he is still small enough.

-Regular quality time with family. It is such a gift to have so many of them so close for support, fun, and the occasional baby sitter as well.

-A nanny who LOVES Charles and James, which makes going to work so much easier!

-A husband who loves me and the boys well and is such a hard worker. He goes above and beyond so often and is such a wonderful example for our boys.

-Bedtime routines that include lots of reading, playtime, and nighttime prayers. You never know what a 2.5 year old will pray for.

-The fellowship of a small group and how Jesus is growing us and stretching us greatly.

-Deep friendships that anchor me and rejuvenate my soul.

I know all too well that this season will be gone before I know it, but I give thanks for the sweetness of right now.


“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17


Special Family Zoo Date



My handsome Jamesy!



Cuddling Brothers





Father of the Year!




Balance Bike Time



My sweet Charles!


5 Months and Some Updates…

Sweet Charles is five months. I feel like just yesterday I was writing his 4 month post. My motivation for writing has been low so I will work with the little bit I have. Here are a few updates in the Baum household.

-I quit my job, and I am so very happy with this decision. There is a lot behind this decision but the bottom line is I get to spend more time with my babies right now which I am so excited about.

-My brother came into town last weekend and it was so good to see him. We sure do miss having him close, but we are thankful for his service.

-Having two kids is more work than having one. You might think this is an obvious statement, but it is true and hit us hard recently. Life seems to be settling a little bit but I am coming to the realization that life with kids is always changing and never settled. Therefore I am working on becoming more content with this reality everyday.

-We LOVE our community. Our neighborhood is awesome. Movie nights, lots of social gatherings, not being able to finish a walk without stopping to chat with some friends. Our church is also awesome and has blessed us greatly. I recently took over the music and I am excited about this new adventure. Our friends are incredible and we feel so thankful for all of them in this time of life as fellowship is what keeps us sane. Our family is amazing and we are so thankful for all of their love and support in raising our kiddos.

On to Charles… He is seriously the sweetest little guy. Although he has a grumpy time each day in the evening he is for the most part great. He is a morning person. Always happy and wants to be up around 6:30 each morning. He pretty much puts himself to bed around 8:00 each night. He is like clockwork. His stomach seems to be much better than it was, which is what we think his grumpiness is attributed too. So thankful for this! He still LOVES playing with his brother. Anytime he is crying, just tell James to go play with him and he will be distracted and smiling. It is so much fun watching them grow to love each other. He loves sitting up and is getting better at it each day. I think he will be sitting up on his own very soon! He still is not interested in rolling over but can do it occasionally. I have had to use the baby carrier here and there to get chores done as he wants to be close. I’m not complaining before I know it he will be too big to hold. He is not a cuddler which is kind of sad, but he does love to be close and within eye distance of you. He is getting better at napping which is super nice. He loves to have something in his hand at all times. Tactile stimulation seems to calm him. For example when he is eating he likes to hold your finger the whole time. If he does not have something to hold on to he has a hard time regulating himself. He also falls asleep better when you give him a small blanket to hold in his hands. I am curious how this will play into his personality as he grows older.

We are so very thankful for this season and really just trying to take every hurdle and blessing one day, one minute at a time!20140601-175351-64431188.jpg20140601-175352-64432754.jpg20140601-175352-64432014.jpg


















Happy New Year!

Another year is upon us which gives us another opportunity to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. Every year of our marriage, Austin and I have compiled a list of goals for the coming year. In the past few years we have framed our goals and posted them in our house so we can see them on a regular basis. Throughout the year we check on the goals and see how we are doing with them. We check them off as we go and mark progress on the ones that take a little longer. It is so awesome to see all that we accomplished at the end of the year. Our goals have multiple categories including individual goals, goals that both of us are accomplishing together, spiritual goals, career goals, community goals and financial goals. We always have a good time coming up with new goals for each year. It is so easy to let life happen and busy schedules to take over, but when you are intentional with the time you have it makes time go by a little slower and life a little sweeter. I am excited about our goals this year and what the Lord has for us in 2014.



Pumpkin Patch Fun

Today we had the chance to check out the local pumpkin patch with a group of friends and all of our kiddos. The last time I went to a pumpkin patch must have been when I was in first or second grade so I think I might have been more excited then James. James’ Grandma gave him a book about pumpkins and Halloween a few weeks ago and we started reading it right away. He loved it and now points out any pumpkins he sees. The best part is when he says pumpkin it comes out more like, “bumpkin,” so all I day long I hear, “bumpkin, bumpkin.”

Anyways back to the pumpkin patch, they had a pretty sweet set up. Pig races, pumpkin cannons, train rides, sweet bouncy inflatable thingys, and of course picking pumpkins. I think it is safe to say everyone had a good time and we all succeeded in getting pumpkins! I had one of those surreal life moments while we were riding the choo choo train. I thought, “How is it that we are here in this stage of life? Married with kids? Riding the choo choo train?” I still can’t believe it sometimes. Life goes by so quickly but OH what a SWEET time in life it is!


Watching the pig races with the daddies.


Love this. James is pointing out the plane in the sky.


Checking out the piggies.


Trying to get this many kids to take a picture is impossible.


Picking out his pumpkin.


And did I mention the sunset was INCREDIBLE!


Me and my boy.


Those cheeks!


Trick to getting lots of kids to take a picture=give them something sweet to eat.


Gahh he melts my heart.


Family pumpkin patch pic 2013. I’m so blessed.

Life in the Fast Lane

Life has been so busy lately. Too busy if you ask me. Here is a picture of why…

We put our old house on the market.
My parents moved in for a few weeks while they were in between houses. We sure appreciated the extra entertainment for James in the house.
James and Charlie have become best friends. Charlie mostly because he is fed practically all day by James.
James is all about playing all day long. He is one energizer bunny, but so much fun!
We held the third annual Kentucky Derby Party and Goldfish Races. Success!
The winning team!
We attended the annual Cinco De Mayo party in our neighborhood. Complete with a HUGE inflatable water slide, pinatas, and grandpa giving James cookies.
Mom and Dad moved out. We helped as much as we could but my great Uncle Frank, who is 80, gets most of the credit!
James is climbing more and more. Austin’s mom informed me Austin was a climber too. Apparently it’s genetic.
We celebrated cousin Jill’s graduation from the U of A! Wildcats for Life!
Austin’s cousins the Buckelew’s came to town. They never fail to bring some life to the party!
Austin’s Mama and Craig came to town and stayed with us. We got to celebrate Mother’s Day with them. James was excited to be spoiled by grandma and we were happy to see both of them!
We celebrated Mother’s day with my mommy too! Love you mommy!
Thankfully, things have slowed down a bit. We are getting some down time and friend time.  We even had an official date night. Life is so precious and I don’t want it to pass us by more quickly than it needs too. I intentionally try to slow down this fast paced life style, so I can soak it up as much as possible.