James Goes to Camp

Austin and I had the privilege of serving as a part of the Assignment Team for Young Life College Weekend in the beautiful pines of Williams, Arizona. With my bum knee and baby James we seriously were questioning how helpful we could really be, but Austin proved himself useful as always and I was able to keep James and myself out of trouble.

We were most excited because it was the first time James was able to experience the awesomeness of Young Life camp! He ate every second up! He loved all the attention from the hundreds of people telling him he is the cutest baby in the world. He gave out smiles constantly. He LOVED the crazy, loud atmosphere of club. He loved dancing to the music. Of course he would! He is so social and outgoing! I do not have a shy boy on my hands. I wonder where he gets it from : )

We loved our time in the fresh mountain air, having fun, serving alongside some amazing people and seeing Jesus in action. We are so blessed!


Enjoying the fresh mountain air.


Loving his first club!




First (of hopefully many) family camp photo.


I ❤ Flagstaff!

This weekend we headed North to the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona to get out of the heat and for Austin to compete in his first Olympic distance triathlon.

The weather was incredible the entire time, high in the 80s, low in the 50s with scattered rain showers and light breezes. Perfection! This made walking everywhere that much more enjoyable. I LOVE being able to walk to restaurants and shops. Unfortunately in Tucson this is not always possible and the heat is a turn off in the summers but not in Flagstaff. We walked to the park, coffee shops, grocery store and restaurants. The restaurant scene in Flagstaff has really grown since I last spent time there. We used our handy dandy Yelp app to give us some hot tips on places to eat and we were not disappointed. We ate a new Tapas restaurant which we were so happy about! We love Spanish food! And a new pizza joint called pizzicletta which has some of the best pizza I have ever had. Seriously!

Besides having a relaxing weekend in a gorgeous town, Austin participated in his first ever Mountain Man Olympic Distance Triathlon. He swam a mile, biked 24 and ran 6, while James and I cheered him on. We were so proud of him.

It was a wonderful weekend as a family! We hope to spend more time in Flagstaff in the near future!


Date Night


Like father like son


Random art in Flagstaff


This kid is happy!


Gearing up for the swim


Transitioning to the bike


Finishing the bike


Happy it’s almost over!



Yay! He did it!

Indiana Time

After four years, we finally made it back to Howe, Indiana and the lake house on North Twin Lake that Austin spent many summers at growing up. The last time we were there we had just gotten engaged. Obviously so much as happened since then. We had such a wonderful time and my parents came along to experience the lake as well. I will narrate the trip through the many pictures I took.

James’ first plane flight.

A trip around the lake on the pontoon. Life is good.

Checking out the Shipshewana Flea Market

Granny and Grandpa came too!


Getting the sailboat ready.

My Great Great Aunt Jean giving me some love!

Decorating the pontoon for the flotilla.

A view of the lake house from the pontoon.

Baby Uncle Sam helping dad drive the pontoon.

WE WON! Taking back the Flotilla Crown! Baby Uncle Sam was the clincher.

Of course right after we won our battery went dead. Austin and Skylar had to pull us back to the house.

Happiness is ICE CREAM! Austin with his cousin Donny.

Choosing the fireworks for the big show.

Doing what you’re supposed to when you visit the lake! The water was perfect!

Family picture

The beauty of the lake at sunset

This is remnants of the first firework set off. It obviously was a dud. Cousin Donny was almost blown up. Needless to say the boys were scared! Don’t play with fireworks kids!

Grandpa teaching James Happy Baby Pose

A sweet Oldsmobile we saw at the car show at the Essen Haus an Amish Restaurant.

Sitting up like a big boy in his high chair for the first time.

Aunt Jude teaching James how to drive the pontoon.

Thanks for having us Aunt Jude!!! We love you!

Classic family picture on the front steps.

Father’s Day Weekend Getaway

After a far too long hiatus, we finally made it back up to my parents cabin for the weekend. With the summer temperatures rising more and more each day here in Tucson, it was wonderful to get out of the heat. It was also James’ first trip to the cabin, first of many I’m sure.

James was great in the car which encourages us to do more road trips with the babe. We spent our time relaxing, reading, playing with the baby and enjoying time with my parents.

We also celebrated Austin’s first Father’s Day and Father’s Day for my daddy too. I made strawberry rhubarb pie as requested by Austin. I had never made nor tasted this pie so it was a bit of a gamble. Thank goodness for google and online recipes. I combined a few I found and the pie turned out fabulous! Austin got to enjoy lots of time with sweet baby James.

When we came home we went swimming at the racquet club. James LOVES the water. He has recently started laughing but I have only seen him do it with my dad. However, Austin said he was laughing while playing in he water today. I guess we have a water baby on our hands.

It was so nice to get away and enjoy the cooler mountain weather. Happy first Father’s Day Austin and happy Father’s Day Daddy!!! I’m so blessed to have such wonderful men in my life!


Hanging out with grandpa

Grandpa showing James The Lone Ranger

Granny teaching James how to play words with friends.


Strawberry rhubarb pie

Hangin on the porch with my pops

Father son nap time

First family cabin photo
Pool time! My favorite!

New Year’s at the Cabin

We spent our New Year at my parent’s cabin enjoying great time with family. It was filled with snowball fights, sleigh rides, and great company. I always love being up at the cabin with our family for some time to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the cool weather.

Group Photo before the sleigh ride.

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh....


Family Time : )

Happy New Year Everyone! Praying many blessings to all in 2012!


Well, it hadn’t happened to me yet so I guess I was due for a lapse in blogging. The combination of a new job, lots of house improvement projects, perfect weather for gardening and other outside activities and still adjusting to life in Tucson, has left me with a complete lack of motivation to document anything.

So here I am again. I will try to catch up on the past events for the last month and a half.

Buckelew Wedding

Austin’s cousin got married and we drove up to Parker, Arizona to see it first hand. We drove up with Austin’s brother Matt and sister Amy. Our first stop was Lake Havasu where we saw the London Bridge. Pretty silly that they brought it all the way to Arizona, but it makes for a good picture.

London Bridges Falling Down

Next up the wedding. Seeing as how I had never been to Parker, I was not sure of what to expect. As we arrived we soon realized that we were for sure over dressed for the occasion. For the first time in my life I felt like a true city folk. Ha. And I am from Tucson. The truth is no one cared.

City Folk.

Regardless the wedding was beautiful. The boys all wore bolero ties, and cowboy hats, and even the dog was dressed up. So cute.

Cousins : )

Anjela and John

The reception was at the local casino. Water slides, gambling, night club, quincineras, everything was going on at the Blue Water Casino. We got lots of time with family which was great. The flower center pieces were grown on the Buckelew farms. So pretty. The reception was rowdy and full of country dancin. You had to pay for soda but the Bud Light was flowin free all night long. It was a hoot!


At least next time I will know to bring my boots and hat.