Charles is 11 Months

Just one more month until my baby is a whole year! He is such a joy these days. He continues to be an eating machine. He really will eat all day if you let him, but his weight does not reflect it. Much to our delight he has started to pick up on a few more signs and is making more sounds and gestures to ask for things instead of screaming in frustration. HOORAY! He smacks his lips whenever he is hungry, or wants his bottle. He is pulling up on everything, cruising around. He loves to walk while holding your hands and can even do it with just one hand. His balance is getting better each day. He is enjoying pushing around the laundry basket these days and especially loves it when I throw him in it and take him for a ride. He is enjoying reading books, drumming, and playing with toys that make noise. He adores his Daddy and gets super excited saying, “Da Da” when he sees him. He babbles all day long, mostly about Da Da still, however he has added “boof” for woof, and “dis.” He usually says “dis” when he points to things and wants to show you something. I never see him more excited or happier than when he is playing with his brother. He is sleeping more soundly which is great because he has a light sleeper. And he is cuddling more too, which is my favorite. Every day I try to spend time just holding him because I know he will be grown before I know it. Love you my sweet boy!


Those Eyes!!



His laugh is the best!



Shaking it on the dance floor.





Painting with his Patti who loves him so much.




Season of Thankfulness

Life has lots of ups and downs, but right now things are feeling so sweet and I just want to soak it all in as much as I can. Current things that make me thankful:

-Enjoying my job! It has been awhile since I have been able to say this. I am so thankful to have a job where I can use my gifts and talents well and work with a great team of people.

-Watching James learn how to ride a balance bike.

-Holding Charles close in the baby carrier while he is still small enough.

-Regular quality time with family. It is such a gift to have so many of them so close for support, fun, and the occasional baby sitter as well.

-A nanny who LOVES Charles and James, which makes going to work so much easier!

-A husband who loves me and the boys well and is such a hard worker. He goes above and beyond so often and is such a wonderful example for our boys.

-Bedtime routines that include lots of reading, playtime, and nighttime prayers. You never know what a 2.5 year old will pray for.

-The fellowship of a small group and how Jesus is growing us and stretching us greatly.

-Deep friendships that anchor me and rejuvenate my soul.

I know all too well that this season will be gone before I know it, but I give thanks for the sweetness of right now.


“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17


Special Family Zoo Date



My handsome Jamesy!



Cuddling Brothers





Father of the Year!




Balance Bike Time



My sweet Charles!