Checking In

Hanging out at the #whyilovewhereilive community mural project my creative friends dreamed and made happen!

Hanging out at the #whyilovewhereilive community mural project my creative friends dreamed and made happen!

It has been awhile since I have posted, and lately I feel like I have so much I want to record about life. I don’t want to forget the little moments. Life with little ones is fast paced, fun, exhausting, challenging and so much more. However, there are so many moments each day that just make me want to pause and soak it all in. I find myself wanting to write it all down, but never finding the energy and motivation to do so. James’ third birthday is next week, NEXT WEEK! AHH! Where did the time go? I find myself so sentimental about it and wanting to write everything down. For tonight I will jot down some snapshots of life currently.

-James is so so funny. Recently he has learned Knock Knock jokes. They usually end in something that has to do with poop and him laughing hysterically. Tonight he was praying and said, ‘Thank you that I farted today.’ It amazes me that two year olds already think poop and farts are funny, and also makes me realize how many more years I have to go with my boys and their scatological humor.

-I am a hot tan (as Austin has dubbed it) minivan LOVING mom and SO proud of it! Seriously, I cannot say enough how much easier it has made my life as a mother. I never thought myself too cool for a minivan, but also never imagined it to be so life changing. Not kidding. There are so many reasons moms love them.

-Charles is really growing and showing his fun personality. He is talking so much lately (more, doggie, ranny for granny, cheese, and lots more.) He even has some Spanish words, including papa and agua, due to his Spanish speaking nanny which is fun. He loves to read books and point at the pictures. He loves being in your lap at all times. He is so methodical and particular. He is walking and climbing everywhere. Although he has his challenging moments his cute moments overshadow them for sure. He and his long lashes and captivating eyes melt me completely.

-I have been reading a book called ‘Make It Happen’ by Lara Casey and meeting with a local group of like minded, goal oriented Tucson girls to help set goals and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! It has been super fun and a great way to hold me accountable.

-Austin and I currently love ending our day relaxing and laughing with Jimmy Fallon. A good dose of laughter is SO healthy.

-My motivation to workout since starting my job in October has sadly diminished. Ugh! This has never happened to me for such an elongated time period. Mostly I think it is because I have very little extra time and the time I do have I want to spend with my boys because I work full time. Such is the life as a working mom. I LOVE working and feel called to my job but I do prioritize my non-working hours with my boys. Anyways, enough excuses. I just registered for a quarter marathon in a few weeks, so HERE I GO!

-This time of year in Tucson is one of my favorites. The weather is PERFECT and there are endless things to do that are so much fun including hiking, the Gem and Mineral Show, the Rodeo and Rodeo Parade, horse races at Rillito Downs, MLS Soccer games, snow on Mt. Lemmon. It all makes me so happy!!!