Charles is 2!

  Our sweet, silly, super fun Charles turned two today! It is crazy that three of the four of us have our birthday’s in December and for sure adds to the chaos of the season but I would never miss an opportunity to celebrate one of my boys.

This year we went to my parents barn to hang out with the horsesys and eat some donuts. It was a perfect birthday party for this two year old as he is beyond content when at the barn. He is mesmerized by horses and just seems at home while there. We had a chance to ride in a carriage pulled by a miniature horse named Oliver and see some donkeys and goats as well.

Charles’ personality has developed so much lately and it is so FUN! Here are some small snippets into a day with Charles….

-He is a GREAT eater and we really never have to ask him to eat his food when it is meal time. He is pretty much always down for some food no matter the time of day. Can’t say I blame him.

-Obviously he is in love with horses. He has a small stuffed animal horse that he carries with him especially at night and loves to cuddle with.

-His vocabulary amazes me everyday. He repeats just about anything you say, especially what his big brother says. He has a hard time pronouncing his ‘k’ sound which makes for some very cute words. Hot cocoa= Hot toe toe. Ice Cream Cone=Ice team tone. He calls movies, moonies. He calls milk ‘nilpy’ and says ‘I want the nilpy’ quite often. If he doesn’t know where something is he says, ‘No dis,’ as in ‘I don’t know where it is?’ Lately he has gotten more independent and yells ‘I do dat’ If you try to do something that he does not what you to help with. If you ask him to do something such as clean up his room he says very sweetly, ‘sure tan-a-mama’ (sure can mama). He has sentences well beyond 6 words these days but still says ‘mama uh-but-tah’ (mama up) when he wants me to hold him. Helps to remind me of how little he still is.

-One of my favorite things is that when he says I love  you it comes out I W. He just started saying it ‘I yove you’ so I think the I W days are over but it was so precious. 

-When he was a bit younger he would scream out ‘EIEIO’ repeatedly when he was mad or frustrated about something. Not sure why but does he really love the song Old Mac Donald so that could have something to do with it. He would also yell with a low voice grunting excited sound ‘HAP BIRTDAY!’ (Happy Birthday!) for no real reason all of the time.

-He is mischievous and can usually be found sneaking a cookie, making a big huge mess, spilling water everywhere or something of the like if you take your eyes off of him for a few seconds.

-BUT he has these killer big brown eyes and a matching smile that rope you in and make you laugh instead of getting angry. Seriously every woman especially those who are grandma age or closer swoons over him in a matter of seconds. And he knows it. Those same eyes and his super expressive face make his sad and crying face almost unbearable to watch. He just looks SO sad you just want to pick him up and make it all better right away. This proves difficult when it is because he is being naughty.

-He has an incredible sense of humor for such a little kid and he doesn’t even have to try. He is the one who will put something silly on his head just to get a laugh or randomly yell ‘I Farted’ even though he didn’t because he knows it will get a rise out of us.

-He is very go with the flow and is not easily bothered or upset. This was not he case when he was under a year old but has changed completely. Such a great quality to have.

-He loves music. You can often find him singing, dancing or playing an instrument. I just love this about him.

Happiest of birthdays my love! We are so blessed to have you in our family. We pray each day that you would continue to grow into the man that God created you to be. Love you so much my Charlesy!