Front Porch View

When Austin and I were dating, he told me that he always dreamed of having toys scattered all over the front yard in the future. At the time we knew we were not ready for kids yet but it was great to know that he wanted something I wanted. Fast forward six years later and that dream has come true. The other day he pulled me aside to simply gaze out the front window and admire the scattered toys and relish in this season. Although parenting has been the most challenging (while at the same time rewarding) phase in my life so far, I am so thankful for our boys and the evidence of them through greasy fingerprints on the walls, food smashed on to couch cushions and toys on my front porch. 



Charles is 1.5!

Charles is 18 months! One and a half!!! Gah! My baby is growing up so so fast!!!

Here is what Sir Charles is up to these days….

-Talking non-stop. Repeating anything and everything you say. String cheese, apple, Jamesy, Unkie Drew ‘unk drew,’ water please ‘agua deese’ and so many more. He has really taken ahold of the work no and given it some personality. He says no all of the time to anything he does not want. My current favorite word is umbrella. It comes out ‘Um bum buh.’ It is adorable.

-He gets super happy when something he likes happens and holds his breath gasping with excitement. This could be for his morning breakfast banana that he loves so much, bath time, ice cream and anything else he deems exciting.

-He is an eating machine. He still eats all day and will eat just about anything. However, if you do not feed him he is grumpy! I just need a shirt for him that says ‘Feed me every 2 hours and I will be happy!’

-He loves to read! We have an alphabet book that he loves to go through and can repeat or name almost all of the pictures. It is quite impressive. His favorite books or pictures currently involve horses. He starts doing his excited gasp when there is a horse to point out. He will make you go back to the page with a horse on it over and over again. Maybe grandpa will have a cowboy to share the love of horses with after all.

-He is a dare devil! He is jumping off of the coffee table on to the couch, climbing stools and ladders, jumping into the pool with no warning, and many other dangerous things. He recently split the side of his tongue coming down off of a stool and bonking his chin. It bled for awhile! He seems to perpetually have bumps and bruises. He is tough though so that helps.

-He is an instigator. He initiates play with his brother and dad all of the time. He loves getting all riled up.

-He continues to love music and dancing. He is constantly singing and saying ‘mo mo’ when you stop singing or turn off the radio.

-He currently loves being on your back, or bouncing up and down on your feet while you hum the classic Lone Ranger theme song.

-He has a fierce scowl that is sure to make you frustrated and laugh from ridiculousness at the same time. He is very clear about what he likes and does not like.

-He continues to love his nanny. Watching them together is so fun! They adore each other and it is so nice knowing that he is so well loved while I am at work. He gets super excited every time he sees her!

-No one makes him laugh quite like James. They feed off of each other’s energy and their laughs are contagious for all of us.

-He now understands the concept of praying and if we ask him to pray at the dinner table he will muddle a few syllables and then shout Aaaaa….men for a big finish. Pretty cute and he gets a good rise out of anyone at the table.

-He is mister friendly these days. Saying hi, batting his eyelashes or waving to just about anyone who will look his way.

-He loves finding small ledges or stools to sit on. He uses my guitar case a lot for this right now. He will turn around and say ‘beep beep beep’ as he is backing up to his favorite spot. Once there he will just sit and enjoy the view or eat a snack completely content.

He is a joy and seeing his strong, decisive, silly, opinionated personality come out more and more is so much fun! We love you sweet Charles! You are such a blessing to our family!

Watermelon dancing at the Racquet club.

Those lashes!!

He loves playing with balloons!

Eating crayons. Everyone’s favorite past time.

Devouring some sweet corn.

Not into getting his picture taken.