Crafting Time

So a few weeks before Christmas I was having issues deciding what to get my mother for Christmas. She usually has a list that she has placed on the fridge for everyone to see what she would like, however this year she did not write a list and when asked what she wanted she said nothing. This is so out of character for her, so I had to get creative.

One day when she was over at my house she saw a Christmas Tree Wire Card Holder that we actually got for free from a friend that didn’t want it anymore.

Here is what ours is like:

My mom commented on how cute it was and so I figured I could get her one too. Well to my luck I could not find any in any stores, and all of the online sites were out of stock. While looking I did find a website that had a “how to make your own.” I thought to myself this should be easy let’s do it.

Holiday Card Holder

I was clearly mistaken that it would be an easy project. I went to multiple craft stores to get the materials and quickly learned that going to craft stores a few weeks before Christmas is worse than going to the mall itself. Note to self if you are going to do a craft for Christmas buy the stuff for it in October. After my multiple trips I finally got all that I needed, I went to work. I was up every night for a week much longer than I would like to have been. All of my other Christmas tasks were done wrapping, shopping, etc but I was still working on this project. On top of this I did not have great needles to sew the buttons on with so I was poking my fingers left and right. After many more hours than I bargained for, and a a wonderful husband who even helped out I FINALLY finished the project!

And she has already put it to good use. I would say it was well worth the time spent.


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